Lutris 0.4.14 No Grid Display

Using Linux Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu 16.04)
Installed Lutris and registered account. Lutris program has no menu display (grid, list, or otherwise). Cannot even change the theme. Attempted to install Guild Wars 2, which failed several times. Ended up installing it in another directory which seemed to “install”. Again, no display on the main screen. Used manual method to get something to display. Again, nothing. What steps am i missing?

Initial problem is that i had to run this using ‘sudo’ to launch – whole other problem all together. Doing so at least displays items. Does not run at all though.

Created a symlink to my home directory to get around the sudo issue. Now hitting a bad exe format on the Gw2-64 file. I’ll try to swap out the file with a known good one from windows.

i’ve placed the “games” directory where i want things installed in my /home directory. I always get the NotADirectoryError(20,‘Not A Directory’) error. At which point i end up trying to use ‘sudo’. This is not working out for me.

OK. I gave up on using the Lutris Guild Wars 2 installer. Simply did not work. My case may be a bit more unique.
My setup:
Linux Mint 18.3
Ryzen 7 1700 (OC to 3.6)
32 G Memory
NVIDIA 1060 6G Memory

  • LVM Games partition, which i originally did not mount under my home directory. I did so this time. Apparently having it mounted outside your /home/username directory causes more problems than it is worth

  • Used the GW2 installer from Arena Net and went the manual route to install the game. This seemed to work. I only got the Lutris installer to run maybe 1 out of 4 times.

  • Still have the issue of having to use ‘sudo’ to execute and run the game client. Slightly annoying, but livable for now.

  • You should not have to use sudo for anything, your lutris setup is somehow broken. Do you get errors when launching lutris from a console?

  • The error you’re getting with Guild Wars 2 is because you’re not using a 64bit build of wine. Right click on Wine in the side bar and click manage versions, then download a 64bit build (just click on a checkbox once and wait for it to download)

The only errors i see when launching Lutris from the terminal window (as myself) is that it tells me i am not the owner of my /home/username (me) directory – which is weird. I did use the instructions provided on the installation page and did not see errors upon installation. When i execute the same through the terminal window using ‘sudo’, everything operates as expected. (On windows machine at the moment, so can’t screen grab the precise error msg).

I sifted through the forums and found another user with the same issue on the 32 vs 64bit build and switched out to the correct version. Game runs well on low resolution with about 35-38 FPS.

Have not tried to install another game as of yet, but will do so later this week !

Edit: I’ll just chalk this up to permissions – nothing to see here… (not going to mess with it since its working atm)