Low FPS on cyberpunk

Output of “submit issue” → http://0x0.st/XAfJ.json
OS: Arch
System Summary:
RAM: 32GB ddr4 3200mhz
monitor: Dell G3223D (144hz)
mobo: z490 aorus elite ac

Drivers: amdgpu
$ glxinfo|egrep "OpenGL vendor|OpenGL renderer"

OpenGL vendor string: AMD OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT (radeonsi, navi32, LLVM 17.0.6, DRM 3.57, 6.9.5-arch1-1)

This is a fresh Arch install, with all the drivers installed as described in the wiki page mesa, lib32-mesa, vulkan-radeon, lib32-vulkan-radeon

Output of lutris --version :
2024-06-23 14:29:10,771: The Battle.net source is unavailable because Google protobuf could not be loaded: No module named 'google' lutris-0.5.17

I’ve also disabled ReBar and enabled Above 4G Decoding in bios settings.


Hello all, I’ve bought Cyberpunk 2077 and installed it through the “vanilla” gog launcher embedded in Lutris, using the first option (without autogen tags etc). I am running it with GE-Proton (latest) with DXVK and VKD3D enabled. I have Lutris Runtime disabled and prefer system libraries enabled.

Running the benchmark i get an average of ~61 fps with these settings:

but i’ve noticed that both my gpu and cpu never go above ~75% use
I’ve also noticed almost the exact same (fps) results with other configurations, including have FSR on etc.

Strangely, during the loading screen or before the main menu etc, my gpu is at 100% and I have a solid 144fps .

I am sorry if this is an off topic issue, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I’ve also tried switching to Xorg from Wayland and I m getting even lower fps on the benchmark (~about 48 average) with higher cpu usage and lower gpu usage.