Low cpu usage

Hi. I just tried Ori and the Will of the Wisps. But results that the performance is a bit under the Windows 7 performance.

And I think that this is normal, but using a cpu/gpu monitor like MangoHUD, i noticed that the cpu usage is below the one with Windows:
With Lutris, I get a cpu usage between 35%-50% with some spikes near 60%, when in Windows the cpu usage is between 55%-70%, with some spikes to 90-80, and rarely gets below 50% .
All with the same settings. I tried with staging, lutris and normal wine versions, all the same.
I also set the option ‘‘RADV_PERFTEST’’ that prevents the game from stuttering, but that’s not the problem. Is not a huge difference, but I get near 5-10 less fps, and CPU usage could be the reason.

My hardware is GT 740 2gb, i3-2130 3,4ghz, and 8gb 1333mhz ram. I know that is under the requirements but I just want know why I get a lower performance that in Windows.

–submit-issue file: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/56CNx55tcY/
Lutris -d and console output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QGxqvS4twY/

And what is your gpu usage?I think that wine might be using less cpu but but more gpu compared to windows.

The gpu usage is 95%-100% on both, Lutris and Windows

how much fps do you get on windows?if performance is 5-10 % lower its normal.I don’t think cpu is the issue since gpu is utilized 95-100% . Check out this benchmark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D82_XEwvpA .Its normal that cpu usage is slightly lower while fps is a bit lower as well since wine performance depends more on gpu then cpu.You could try updating kernel or try xanmod kernel https://xanmod.org/

Nice to see that video, looks like my problem is something normal. Yes, the fps are like that, 5%-15%

There is any way to force Wine to use more cpu; like a system options tag or parameter to add on Lutris configuration?

Well I doubt if forcing cpu usage would bring any benefit - its probably not used more not because of bug but because there simply no need since performance depends more on gpu(gt 740 is quite low end card). I guess you could try lowering resolution/graphics setting.
It might be possible to compensate the 5-15% difference by overclocking gpu.But it has risks so if you are not familiar with it not sure if I could recommend it.

It’s true that Gt 740 is very poor for gaming but I know that the game is also a bit CPU demanding, so that’s why I think that should be using more CPU%, and comparing the performance of Wine and Windows, like in the video you send, I notice of a minimal difference.

Yes, I played with the settings and tried almost everything to test it and know what I can run and what I can’t. The game is well-playable so that’s not the problem.

About overclocking, it’s a possibility, I know something but I should investigate more.

Thanks for all!

If you are interested in overclocking you could check out this guide https://www.gamecrate.com/linux-gaming-overclock-your-nvidia-gpu-linux-greenwithenvy/25299
Also check out this thread https://www.quora.com/Is-overclocking-GPU-safe-How-do-I-overclock
I did managed to get about 25% improvement with gt 710 (even more low end then yours).
But if you decide to go to it I recommend monitoring temperatures to minimize risk of overheating(and possible to damage to gpu)
Max gt 740 temp is 98 degrees celsius so for as long its below 85 should be ok.
Good luck.