Lord of The Rings Online 64 bit client problem


I managed to get LOTRO running on my Ubuntu, thanks to the resources I found here. I cannot get the 64bit client to start however. When I go to launch I am presented with a file selector box asking for the executable. The directory is the x64 subdirectory. If I navigate up and use lotroclient.exe the game runs, but I assume that is the 32bit client. If I click on the lotroclient64.exe I get the error shown below. Any ideas?


I don’t know what’s going on with your system; but I can tell you that the LotRO 64 bit client does work properly using Lutris on PCLinuxOS. To me, that says it should work. What tweaking is needed, though, I can’t say.

Hmm. Thanks for replying.

I verified that I am running 64bit with the uname command. It shows x86_64 arch.

In lutris I am using wine version lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64. I wasn’t sure what to use but since that looked most recent, I went with it.

The only thing I can figure at this point is that I simply pointed lutris at my initial install, rater than running the installer through lutris. I did this mainly because I didn’t want to have to download everything again.

Maybe I should try a re-install?

I used Lutris to install the game, so it will have its own WINE prefix. That may matter. I am also using my system’s WINE (version 8.0.2). That also may make a difference. I have ESync and Fsync turned off, since my system WINE does not support those.

I did an install from lutris itself and it seems the 64bit client now works.