Looking for some Guides

Hi there,
I´m looking for some Guides, to aid me in alot of questions concerning Lutris.

For now I try to avoid that one Wine “Drive” affects. If I change something in my OS´s Wine, this appears to have things changed in my Lutris games, somehow.
Another thing to me is aswell related to Wine: When i start a fresh new version of Wine, the Gamepad emulator works perfectly fine. But after i´ve installed steam and a game it does not anymore. Neither Steam nor the game recognices the Gamepad.
Yet another problem is, I have told Lutris to start an Executable. It does not start then, telling me “Wine cannot find the ncurses library (libncurses.so.5).”, which is installed. But if I right-klick the starter and say “Run Exe in this Wine prefix” and pick exact the same exe file, it does work charmingly.

Maybe someone here can provide me with some guides or how to´s or something.

Thanks alot! :smiley:

Some games in Lutris are configurated to use system wine by default, so when you change your System wine, you change the version this games use out of lutris. Look up the configuration of the game (right click on the banner).
Unfortunately I can’t help with the gamepad proble, but gamepads have sites in ubuntuusers wiki, try to look yours up.
The last problem could be placed in Lutris runtime, go to the configurations of the game and set the checkbox “Don’t run lutris runtime”

Hope that helps,


Thanks for your reply.

I understand now how one prefix affects the other. I wasn´t sure about this.
The Gamepad trouble does still exist. Additionally I can say, that there was a little terminal window, telling me that either everything is allright or not. This doesn´t show up anymore. Not to sure why.

The Lutri-Runtime was disabled by default in every prefix. But I did help me to switch over to the Systems-Wine version and the first game does run pretty well now (The Witcher 3). But without gamepad support -.^

I try my best to get everything running well and tell you guys more. If someone has more hints, let me know! :smiley:

Thanks again.

Hi again,

Got the first game, Darksiders, running with the Gamepad. But: it is pretty missconfigured.
My left Trigger turns the Charackter left. If i center the trigger it stands still and if I push it complet the Charackter turns left.
The right stick can only be used to look up and down. So I think, this should be solvable with a configuration file o something like that.
In Wine´s Joystick-Configuration, everything wokrs fine. The Dots are centered and everything acts pretty normal.

My Distro is Arch and my Gamepad is a Xbox One Controller.
Appreciate any information on this topic :smiley:

I have similar Problems with the Logitech Dual-Action Gamepad and Live is Strange. I can’t give you a hint because I never solved the problem and didn’t tried since then, I’m a loving Mouse and keyboard user :slight_smile:

But what I wanted to say with the post is the problem is not just yours and may be placed in wine?

Hi Cronyk,

Could you provide me with a little bit more information on you Computer?
What CPU + MB, And which Linux Distri. Maybe that helps me to figure things out.

And thank you for the reply.

So, I’ll provide you:

CPU: AMD® Phenom™ ii x6 1055t processor × 6
System: Ubuntu 17.04 64 Bit GNOME
Motherboard: Produkt: GA-890GPA-UD3H
Hersteller: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.

Ok tank you,
Your computer is totaly different than mine. So i cannot draw any conclusions on that.