Looking for fix about the mesa-vulkan-driver that lutris wants on Drauger os, a ubuntu varient

the 23.2 package of vulkan mesa is not installing for me for a while now. I am wondering if anyone here has a way to get around this, i have been looking around and so far i have not found any solution. I am using the deb version of lutris, flatpak will not install in any fashion for me, not to mention i despise that setup anyway due to an attempt with another program and how inflexible that packaging is designed (i have all my games installed on a seperate drive from my os and flatpak does not recognize it). I am not terribly fluent with linux but i would like to find a way to fix this vulkan issue so i can install star citizen, diablo 2 resurrected,and my gog library, right now every install attempt ends in error 256 and i am fairly certain that is linked to the vulkan issue in some way since both showed up at the same time. This issue is present even after a reinstall of my os. Any ideas, new ones preferably?