LOL stuck on updating


Latest Lutris from the Manjaro Repositories.

I used the install version that does not use Vulkan.

I am stuck on “Updating”. See the provided image.

How do I proceed from here? Are there any logs I can check to see what is happening? My own theory is that it simply cannot connect somehow.

EDIT: it’s been like this for well a hour now. If it’s common then worth mentioning is that my max download speed is around 2-3MB/Second in normal cases.

Dunno about the installer log itself, but you can try running lutris with debug output (lutris -d) in which case you might see something useful in console.

If the Wine log doesn’t show, you can try running the installer in Wine by hand, based on install script contents (I’m guessing it’s this one?). Or, if that’s too hard, I’d fiddle a bit with Wine binaries to see the latest log (i.e. renaming bin/wine to bin/wine.bin and writing an executable script bin/wine with contents "$0".bin "$@" > "$0".log 2>1 – which would cause any output of that Wine copy to end up in wine.log file next to the binary). The Wine version in the script is lutris-lol-4.20-x86_64, so its location should be ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-lol-4.20-x86_64.