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LOL Permanent Ban

I got perma baned yesterday for botting and I never in 10 years come even close to a bot.
After multiple tickets to support and post in the forum I got my account back.
But be aware that since this is not officialy supported you could get banned and not be that lucky.
There should be a warning of this since you could loose your account for ever.

@acenomad tu as déjà été bani en jouant à lol sur Linux?

trans: is playing lol on Linux could be really a risk of ban?

While accidental bans are possible, Riot have stated that playing League on Linux is not permaban-worthy and they actively try to make sure that their anticheat doesn’t immediately flag Wine users as cheaters. See Rioter reddit comment here. The Rioter I linked out to actively plays League on Linux. Rioters have also stated in the past in multiple forums that any accidental bans related to playing on Linux will be reverted. You cannot lose your account forever by playing on Linux.

While playing League on Linux is not officially supported (that is to say, no native client or supportdesk help), Riot do not take any active measures against legitimate Linux users. Personally I’ve been playing League on Linux for a very long time. During that time I have never been banned and have only see a small handful of accidental bans in several years, every single one of them being reverted within a couple days.

I know what you are saying is true. Still I got a warning from support that next time I’m on my own.

I know riot doesn’t want to ban us just for playing the only way we can on Linux. That said support peopole are… well… peopole. And not every one of them is willing to even consider your case.

I had to rise 5 tickets and a post where all my firends posted to help me even some strangers too. Just to speak with diferent persons until one of them was willing to see if I was telling the truth.

I know riot has good intentions, I’m not willing to bet my account on it.
And I thought people should know the risks.

I’m not going to tell you what you do or don’t deem as a risk. That’s up to you to decide of course.

However the fact is that Riot has not only stated that playing League on Linux is totally fine and not ban-worthy, but they actively do their best to avoid accidental bans and have a proven track record of reversing any accidental bans.

Wine being potentially flagged by anticheats is a burden that most Linux gamers carry when playing on translation layers. This doesn’t just apply to League but to many games on Lutris like games (WoW, Overwatch, Diablo, etc.), and the thousands of Steam games that run in Proton. Sometimes accidental flags happen. However, the vast majority of devs, Riot included, are often quick to resolve issues that arise.

I’m sorry to hear your experience was sub-optimal, to be honest this is the first experience I’ve heard of where a falsely flagged ban wasn’t immediately reverted. However, this does not mean that other users will face permanent bans because of one anecdotal experience. Of course Riot Support will give you cautionary messages saying you’re on your own, they don’t officially support Linux so their support team will have a copy/paste message to cover themselves legally. We’ve been on our own this entire time and it’s almost solely thanks to communities like the Lutris community and r/leagueoflinux that the game continues to run just fine on Linux to this day. This doesn’t mean that they are suddenly anti-Linux gamers, that’s just standard supportdesk operating procedure. You’ll find similar messages should you run into the same issues with other game devs too.

Running League on Linux will not get you permanently banned.