Lol doesn`t work

Hi! i can`t play lol anymore.What i have to do?

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Hi, I have the same problem as you do, and I’m also using Manjaro.
Sadly, I didn’t find the solution. I think that the recent Manjaro update might be the culprit, because everything worked fine before it.

This is what Lutris log for LoL looks like:

LoL Manjaro/drive_c/Riot Games/League of Legends/LeagueClient.exe
Waiting on children
Waiting on children
2019-11-17 09:45:40,911: Unable to read stat for process 3404
2019-11-17 09:45:40,911: Unable to read stat for process 3404
All children gone
Exit with returncode 5 

I’ve looked into League’s own logs, this is what LeagueClientUx.log’s last lines look like:

000000.386| ALWAYS| App file system path is: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\
000000.386| ALWAYS| Plugins file system path used : Plugins\.
000000.386| ALWAYS| CEF Version: 3.2623.1397.gaf139d7
000000.387| ALWAYS| Trying to connect to app process.
000000.400| ALWAYS| Connected to app process after 1 attempts.
000001.350|  ERROR| ClientWebSocketTransport: SSL read failed because 5.
000001.350|   OKAY| ClientWebSocketTransport: Closing socket, see previous message for reason.
000001.350|   OKAY| ClientWebSocketTransport: Statistics at socket close:
000001.350|   OKAY| Reads - Count : 1   Total Bytes: 129   Average Bytes: 129
000001.350|   OKAY| Writes - Count : 2   Total Bytes: 312   Average Bytes: 156
000001.350|   OKAY| Retries: 0
000001.350|  ERROR| Fetching Region and Locale failed: Transport failed to send call request.
000001.350|   OKAY| Releasing browser process.
000001.350|   OKAY| Shutting down CEF.
000001.358|   OKAY| Exiting ux.
000001.360|   OKAY| Working Set Size: 151MiB Peak: 152MiB   Pagefile Usage: 68MiB Peak: 68MiB   Private Usage: 0MiB
000001.360|   OKAY| Paged Pool Usage: 0MiB Peak: 0MiB   Non-Paged Pool Usage: 0MiB Peak: 0MiB
000001.360|   OKAY| Committed Total: 303MiB   Committed Image: 96MiB   Committed Mapped: 139MiB   Committed Private: 67MiB   Reserved Total: 2349MiB   Reserved Image: 0MiB   Reserved Mapped: 0MiB   Reserved Private: 2349MiB   Free Total: 1442MiB   Limit: 4095MiB   Largest Free: 1350MiB   Region Count: 1753
000001.360|   OKAY| Page Fault Count: 0K

So there is 2 connection errors (I suppose), but I don’t know what might be causing them.