Logitech G29 Issue

Hi, I have NFSMW2005 installed using lutris. and i have a logitech G29, the problem is the pedal clutch is always pressed in game. causes the menu to scroll always and other problems. Problem fixes when i move pedal halfway in. But other issues come up when playing, with the brake pedal assigned he reverse control it is mapped to axis_Y which is the same as the clutch i think i game or the button is not being correctly assigned because the clutch is pressed constantly and any small movement while pressed halfways causes it to be assigned. In game the car always goes to reverse mode when accelrator is not pressed.

So as a fix i installed evdevremapkeys to disable clutch pedal or to remap brake pedal to a button on the wheel. The new remapped device shows up under Linux Wine. But the remapped G29 is not recongnized in lutris wine or in game.

System Wine image

Lutris WIne Image

Need a hint as to what is going on.