Local instalation script creation?

Is there an option to write localy an instalation script to test also localy and then upload? If not, is there such possibility. Cheers. Marcin

There isn’t anything like that but I have added API support for installers ( https://lutris.net/api/installers) so it could be implemented quite easily now.

I use

lutris -i ~/path_to_script/script.yml

to locally install scripts I create in YML on Linux, works fine.


Having just gone through this, lutris -i /path/to/file.json works. You can create the installer on the website, then choose an option to download the script, and run it locally.

I also noticed editing it online doesn’t change the script you download; you have to delete and recreate the installer for that. Not sure if that’s a bug or what.

Thank You All. :wink:

would be great to have a list with proposed (still in moderation queue) changes to view,edit, download and test like the “approved” installers

The local script Install doesn’t work because it’s implemented by people who don’t use it and people who do use it don’t contribute back enough to get this working properly.

The only option left is for me to role play a user who does use local scripts and fix the issues

I can confirm it is a painful way.
I must simulate a complete json file for the installing a game :frowning:

currently I am using a json file like this :

“draft”: true,
“runner”: “wine”,
“version” : “draft”,
“name”: “draft”,
“game_slug”: “draft”,
“published”: false,
“slug”: “draft”,
“script”: {
// content of json available on web browser

In my opinion a better way is to automaticly generate the correct json file as a draft (not the json you can see on the web browser) and when you click “save draft”, you can immediatly try to install it with lutris