Livesplit Global Hotkeys Workaround

So I saw that someone made an installer for live-split, and that global hotkeys did not work. I found a workaround to this problem. It’s not perfect but it works.

The workaround uses a program called xdotool. Once xdotool is installed, you just have to make a script for each key you want to use in livesplit.

So for split I made a script called which contains

xdotool search --name Livesplit key F1

and then in the livesplit settings I repamed split to F1 (any key would work)
Then I went into my system settings and made a custom shortcut that would activate the script. On kde, I added a new command/url global shortcut and set the command to sh /path/to/script/
However the key you set this to dosn’t seem to do anything else while active, so I would recommend disabling the hotkeys most of the time.

Hope this helps : )

This only works when LiveSplit is active window. I tried everything but didn’t get work.