Little Busters! English Edition Install Script

Could I get help in creating an install script for Little Busters! English Edition? The game requires DirectX 11 in order to work. The game crashes whenever I try to run it. I have gotten it to start in prior version of Wine, which you can find in my previous posts, but I couldn’t find any solutions.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can set the version of wine to the one that was previously working.

    version: x.x-i386

I did say that the game would “start”, but it doesn’t work still. The game will either:

  • Immediately crash, sometimes leaving me with a crash report, sometimes not.
  • Start up with a black screen, but still have music and be able to click on the main menu.
  • Load up to the first startup logo and be unresponsive.

What little info I have about the game is on my previous post, and I have yet to find a solution.