Linux native games launched from Lutris

This is an odd problem, Everspace and Witcher2 both Linux native. If I run them from Lutris they restart the desktop and I am back at the login prompt after a black screen. I have tried turn off system libs aand Lutris runtime with no changes.

The odd thing is if I run them from the command line Witcher 2 starts and runs, Everspace either gives a core dump or launches with no mouse input. Also Everspace can not be launched with the start script I have to use the RSGLaunch inside RSG /binaries.I am trying to set this up and use Lutris as my one stop to launch and play my games.

Anyone run across this?

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Solved turn off Enable Nvidia Prime Render Offload. It should be off by default, only people that really need it are laptops.

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