Linux icon looks like a duck


Anyone knows am I going crazy or is the icon in the right corner for Titanfall 2 a duck sitting like Tux usually is (in Slay The Spire for example), and if it is…why?

Well it really does look like a duck.
To clear up the mystery, the bottom right corner of the Titanfall 2 banner contains the number 2. Tux blends in and turns into Dux


well do I feel like an idiot.
Thank you for pointing it out :sweat_smile:

It’s always fun to notice quirky things about icons and graphics in games or software. The idea of the Linux icon resembling a duck in Titanfall 2 is quite amusing! While it might seem like a coincidence, icons can sometimes have subtle resemblances to various objects or characters.If you’re intrigued by this and want to explore it further, you could consider creating a custom Linux icon of your own. You mentioned Tux, the Linux mascot, who is indeed a penguin. To add a creative touch, you might want to look into AI vector images. This platform offers a wide variety of vector graphics that can be used for designing and personalizing icons. Who knows, you could craft a unique Linux icon with a duck or any other theme that strikes your fancy.