Lighthouse disc 2 not being detected

I am trying to use the 2CD Scummvm install of Lighthouse: The Dark Being with the original game discs but have ran into an issue with the install. The 1st disc goes through the installation procedure just fine but the 2nd disc doesn’t seem to get recognized.

        "insert-disc": {
            "description": "Please insert disc 2",
            "requires": "version"

The issue that I have is my game disc has a file titled version on the 1st disc and version. on the 2nd. the dot on the end is causing the script to not recognize the 2nd game disc. Could someone please help me find a solution towards getting the install going through with disc 2?

Give this a try. In a terminal enter

lutris -i <path to >/Lighthouse.yml

Lighthouse.yml (1.0 KB)

Thank you. I tried the terminal command and the game installed perfectly.