Libretro - RPG Maker 2000: low quality midi


I have a couple of games that I’d like to play, which were made using RPG Maker (2000 or 2003, I don’t know).

I can successfully play them but I don’t understand why Lutris reproduces the midi files with a very low quality.

If I try to play the very same midi using a media player, sound is much deeper and the overall quality of the song is much higher. In lutris those files play like… Well, the sound is like a iron stick beating icicles in an isolated snowy cave. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is there a way to improve the quality of the RPG Maker runner in Lutris so to make it play midi at the very same quality of any other media player in my system?

I want you to listen to both version of one very same file:
(I recorded them using my phone… Didn’t find a smarter and quicker way of doing it.)

Are you running timidity? If so, you might need to install a better soundfont.

No, I don’t. I checked that.
Indeed, I thought it was timidity. Since that’s the only one I know for playing midi, now I don’t know which package in my system let me play midi files.

As far as I can remember, I haven’t installed any specific package for playing those files in my system nor for playing them inside Lutris.
My understarding is that my OS and Lutris use different packages, otherwise I’d get the same quality everywhere, isn’t it? So: how to force Lutris to use the same as my system? And how do I come to know its name…?