Libretro "failed to retrieve" information

Hello guys. I am getting desperate here because somehow, nobody on the entire internet seems to be talking about this.

I can not install libretro cores anymore AT ALL. this is incredibly frustrating, as i am dependent on the retroarch configuration menu to make my Controller compatible with a multitude of games.

Whenever i try to start (or install) a new game for libretro on a core i not currently have already, i get the following error message:

"Failed to retrieve libretro (name of the core) information"

I have spent 3 days now, trying to find a solution. The only hint i could find was that the libretro repositories had been hacked a few days/weeks back and that the problem is already fixed over there.

I tried downloading the Cores of the runners myself, but i cant find them online ANYWHERE. I tried to find the installer script for libretro cores (as i found ONE topic on this forum talking about that, but he didnt explain how to apply his solution for someone who has no idea about lutris program structure, like me) but could not even find THAT on my own system.

I do not want to sound overly aggressive here and surely hope you guys can help me, but i have seldom be so frustrated, as the entire internet seems to literally gaslight me on this topic! there is simply NOTHING on it!

PLEASE Help me! This all started because i wanted to play Mario 64… the most clish’e example of a game to emulate!

I am Thankful for any help you guys can provide!

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I have the same problem with Lutris and can’t continue to the installation. I am new to all of this and there’s no help anywhere on the Internet. So please, HELP US!!!

I found a way, but its not working perfectly:

You can install new cores inside Retro arch itself!

install a GBA or DS game of your choice.

run it and press F1

navigate into the main menu and into the content downloader

in there you will find the “install cores” option at the very top.

now you can installl all the cores. But some still wont work (like the PS core or the 3DS core)