libGL error: unable to load driver:

Hello, I’m having issues with running games with the Lutris runtime enabled. Some games just refuse to run, I tried disabling the runtime and some work that way but there are some of my games which I rely on the runtime to solve compatibility stuff for me, so I can’t play those this way.

I’m on Antergos (Arch with fancy graphics) 64bit
My Lutris is on v0.3.7.5
I have Intel HD 2500 graphics
System mesa is at v11.2.1

Full output when I try to run OpenArena with the runtime enabled:
But it runs fine when I disable the runtime:

I don’t know if it would be of any help, but I had a similar problem under Fedora with nV proprietary drivers. Turns out I needed the i386 libs installed. Then everything worked just fine.

:fearful: PS: Risking necro in case someone gets stuck in a similar situation. Can’t give any further details but you may search for:

[distro name] [GPU brand] 32 bit i686 libraries