Less centralized + non-gaming programs

The only issue that really concerns me with Lutris is the emphasis on the server. With a friends system planned, I think that could really centralize Lutris. In my opinion, a service like Lutris needs to allow the user to select a server in case Lutris’ ever goes down forever. Not much point in open sourcing the server if there’s not an option to change servers. What I’m proposing is a setting where you can write in the URLs for different servers like a list. Lutris would pull game data from the game id’s from the first URL, then pull them from the second URL ignoring already prior game id’s, and so on. I know it seems like there isn’t really much of a point for this option besides maybe Lutris’ main server going down, but…

While Lutris probably isn’t meant to be a PlayOnLinux replacement, it’s fantastic at one. Which is why I think there should be some support for programs that aren’t games like POL has. If this isn’t the vision of Lutris, then this is where other servers could come in. If the vision of Lutris is to stay a database for games, someone could run a server hosting the install files for tools.

Other uses for multiple server compatibility… 18+ game database, free software only database, private servers for games looking for one-click install, forks of software meant to take priority installing over the main software.

Other notes on the topic: I don’t believe federation of servers would work well in this case as well as it being very complicated. Mirroring the default would be much more efficient. The friend system may be complicated with this. Either having an single identity server separate from the database servers list, or having the user log in to each database, would work.

Other ideas:

  • Install from client (preferably not in embedded web page)
  • Copy-paste installer script into Lutris/install from local script
  • Select game banner from Lutris gallery (would need to be approved like usual)


  • Write installer offline (writing it on-site is clean but the raw file is very messy)

Hoping to contribute wherever I can.