Lego Stunt Rally on Wine

Has anyone managed to run Lego Stunt Rally on Wine? According to the WineHQ some succeeded to make it run on their Linux box and some bugs have even been patched in Wine 4.18.

I installed the game using the alternate installer by Caleb Ely from a CD then I added overrides for quartz, amstream and d3dx9 as suggested here and here. I also added /FROMLAUNCHER /NOINTROVIDEO as arguments but I can’t make the game to start. If I start it from _msr.exe I get Missing or Invalid DSetup.DLL and if I start if from the launcher StuntRally.exe I get

DirectX has not been detected. This software will not
run without  DirectX. Do you want to install DirectX
version 7.0.a now? (Recommendended)

which does not work if I click on Yes.

Anyone had a similar issue with another game?

Small world. I’m also trying to find out how to get LEGO Stunt Rally working with Lutris. Funny that there’s a post about it on 2 days ago :smiley:

Watching this post in hopes for an answer!

Small world indeed! Have you made any progress yet? I tried again this week and made small progress.

The Missing or Invalid DSetup.DLL error can be fixed by copying dsetup.dll from the disc. Now I end up with the following error trying to start the game from _msr.exe /FROMLAUNCHER /NOINTROVIDEO (on a 32-bit wine prefix with the quartz, amstreamand d3dx9 modules installed with winetricks):

Your Current DX version =
There might be problems, but shouldn't be.
Do you still want to continue?

And of course the game crashes at startup.

Using the alternate installer by le717 still requires to manually copy dsetup.dll and does not fix the above issue. Installing the Indeo 5 codec as suggested here does not help either but should fix the abnormal termination error if you succeed to run the game.