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Lego Batman 2 from GOG


Hi there!

Could anyone play the GOG version of Lego Batman 2? I wanted to provide an installer and got it to run but after the first cutscene with the news bulletin I get an almost black screen and can only hear the sound.

From ProtonDB I got the tip for installing d3dx9_41, which got the game to start up. But nobody seems to be having the same problem I have.

This is my installer:

- installer: N/A:Select the Windows setup file downloaded from GOG
  exe: drive_c/GOG Games/LEGO Batman 2/LEGOBatman2.exe
  prefix: $GAMEDIR
- task:
    name: create_prefix
    prefix: $GAMEDIR
- task:
    executable: installer
    name: wineexec
    prefix: $GAMEDIR
- task:
    app: d3dx9_41
    name: winetricks
    prefix: $GAMEDIR
    silent: true