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Legends of runeterra, launches on some distros while shows critical error on some

Legends of runeterra installs from the instructions on the lutris script, but on some distros it doesn’t launch rather resulting in critical error. Fixes for the same error from LoL do not work for LoR.

Distros I checked not working: Arch, Manjaro, Endeavour
Distros I checked multiple time to be working: Fedora 36

! person has told me it isn’t working on Fedora 35 and 1 has informed the same for Ubuntu. When I was on Fedora 35 the game ran without issues.

I haven’t tested flatpak, as it shouldn’t work due to wine-lol not being compatible with flatpak version.

I’ve been trying to find the reason for the issue but I’m at my wits end and I have no idea why this is occurring. The best guess I have is, due to how the different distros are installing some of the dependencies. Any help would be deeply appreciated.