Ok so its working fine except sometimes when see around the map using the cursor, the screen blinks and freezes immediately and then I have to restart the lutris. It is something related to fps I suppose, because surely It show 53 fps and sometimes drop to 30 when I move cursor to other lanes. Although I selected my driver as NVIDIA in settings and I have just migrated to linux,the fps was fine on windows. Secondly if you are wondering that I am running on high, then I have changed all graphics to low in league settings and nothing has changed

There is a way to increase your framerate atleast. Open options in lol-launbcher and turn on “Enable Low spec Mode” and turn on “Close the client during game”.

If you have the issue of leauge client stealing framerate from the game. 53 fps is low, considering on windows you can play the game on a Intel HD and get 60fps.

Went from 100-50, to 160-120

I enabled that both of them before, and today I even ran it on very low graphics, but as soon as I saw the enemy at level 1 it blinks and freezes.

Okey, I how is other games same stuttering and crashing?, if they are maybe its a problem with your driver. What kind of nvidia card do you have?. distro and what driver is installed?

You could aslo try in window mode, but i have issues with the mouse leaving the game if i do that.

I haven’t tried other games tho but I think it cannot be the driver. I have NVIDIA 920M and I have marked it as my default driver on ubuntu. My processsor is i5 5200 U Intel HD graphics 5500… I’ll try the windowed mode. I just installed Intel 3d graphics on linux, I’ll check if that works.