League of Legends working great!

Ya, after literally asking million questions on this forum I managed to get league and run it without crashing with steady 40-60 fps on lubuntu, live booted on my chromebook. Played two norms last night and won both.

I started working on this like weeks ago when I had absolutely ZERO knowledge of ubuntu or linux (I didnt know how to install a package) I messed up so many times I had to use chrx to install lubuntu on a usb three times.

After figuring out why my wine wasn’t working or what wine dependencies were, I finally installed everything right (after a reinstallation of lubuntu live) required to run league and patched it for about 4 hours. Then glorious moments airblading on yasuo.

I was so surprised that it worked, especially on a 250 dollar chromebook like mine ($200 on bestbuy when I bought it) with 1.7 ghertz celeron and 4gb of ram. It had surprisingly great loading speed, and no fps drops. I set it to windowed mode cause why not (15.6 inch fullscreen is just).

I especially want to thank @GloriousEggroll or having such a knowledge and interest in the league of legends side of lutris, and all other developers such as @strider who kept up great replies to questions of others that sometimes related to me. I thank this active community that made this possible. I know that what I’m saying is very much a cliche but I do thank you all.

I will still be active but I won’t asking these annoying questions on forums except actually gamebreaking bugs.

Thanks again,


Happy that you had a great experience :smiley:

Works great for me too.

And me - out of the box installation was perfect (and the screen resolution is very odd, can I safely change that somehow or is there a reason for that?). I guess it could break at some point but very good so far! :smiley: