League of Legends STILL NOT WORKING ON LINUX 25 Nov 2023

As I guess you have seen, League is not working on Linux atm - there is no ETA for a fix. More info is on reddit I am told - see @Eris 's comment below for the links to follow.

To save you some hassles, reinstalling will do nothing, changing settings in Lutris will do nothing, switching to an older Wine version will do nothing. Basically right now, nothing you can do will do anything.

Hopefully a solution will be found, in the mean time, it is not your system, the latest patch has once again broken something and until there is fix worked out, LoL does not appear playable on Linux for a little bit.

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Just to add something a bit more specific to this, the “more info” can be found on the r/leagueoflinux pinned thread as well as their website’s status section.

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TFT is also broken even though their status page says it works.

Hopefully there is a fix soon.