League of Legends : some keys unrecognized

Hey everyone!

First of all, I have to say that this by far the best/easiest to install version of Lol on linux that I was able to try out.
Back to the issue.
So, I am french and have thus a french keyboard (azerty and not qwerty).
Everything works except for 2 keys : the “2” key above my “z” key and the “4” key above my “E” key.

Those keys work completely fine in the in game chat but not in the “Hotkey” Option where you bind your abilities.

As you can see in the screenshot here : https://postimg.org/image/mujy87jjn/
The “2” key, when I press it to bind the second item detects this weird Ux60[ thing that doesn’t work in game (as you can see, in my items, the tracker’s knife isn’t assigned to any key.

The “4” key doesn’t work either eventho it is by default used for the ward. When I try to bind “4” to anything, it doesn’t detect the pressure of the 4 key.

So, that’s my (not so big) issue.

Thank you all,

A silver noob.

Hey there,

Got this problem too, it seems to be related with wine layer.

The workaround I found is by only using 1, 3 & 5 for items ATM.

Hope it helps.

Hey um try this.
Go to configure league on lutris and do “advanced configurations” and on the system options tab there is something called switch to us keyboard layout see if that helps

Up ! I have almot the same problem with the default LoL config in Lutris. But for me, the “4” key is working great. Only the “2” key is displaying “Ux60[” and is unusable for objects binding… Do you have an idea about how to investigate this ?
I don’t see the option " *switch to us keyboard layout" in the system option tab.

Hello, I have the same problem on my Belgian Vaio laptop with Vtm bloodlines and oblivion (gog version). When I open a notepad or need to type a word in the wine desktop or the game it shows up alright. But if I need to press ‘2’ somewhere, it doesn’t respond. Upon trying to bind the 2 key in oblivon it shows up as ‘96’ instead of ‘2’. Similar issues with 4 key. Is there a solution yet?