League of Legends OPENGL

I wanted to reinstall LoL on Lubuntu but where is the OpenGL version? I cant play with the directX version, when i join a match it force closes.

Seems like Zoe’s update broke opengl I can’t even play it on windows with opengl.
Right now directX is the only way to play the game.

Directx version should work. With this patch they fixed bugs that I used to have directx on. What do you mean by it just “closes” ? We might be able to help

A good try would be fresh install
Or if you want to copy the files in riot folder delete the config file in config folder


I installed also had the OpenGL version which stopped working so I installed the new DirectX version.
I am running Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS on 64bits and using wine staging-2.18-x86_64
Every thing goes well until I try to enter a game when I get a bug splat and the application just restarts. (For training mode it enters the game but the game crashes after an estimated 10[s] or less.)

The League of Legends.log says:

League of Legends caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module League of Legends
Read from location c7000000 caused an access violation.


000001.895| ALWAYS| sanitizer| Configure: region=EUNE, locale=en_GB, adhocIncludes.size=0, adhocExcludes.size=0
000001.900| ERROR| Plugin Manager| Failed to serve /sanitizer/assets/0.filter.csv

The r3dlog.txt also indicates errors:

000001.528| ALWAYS| r3dRenderLayer::Init() exit successfully
000001.845| ERROR| Error: FontConfig(File DATA/Menu/fontconfig_en_gb.txt, Line 18015) - unexpected statement

The LeagueClientUx.log also indicates:

000018.133| WARN| Failed to load URL “https://frontpage.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en_PL/lol/preseason-2018” with error “ERR_ABORTED” (-3).


000033.785| ERROR| js: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘internalName’ of null (

Did any one had similar problems? Or does any one know what to try to fix this?

Thank you.

Some other mint user (its literally same as ubuntu i think). Try deleting the config file, thats usually a fix for something unusual as this

i cant play a duo queue Match. When i try to play with my friend it stucks at 0% at the loading screen. A full repair didnt help.

I cant even get my league to patch in my chromebook right now so I dont know much details, but try booting up practice mode after deleting the config file in the league folder. then wait. It happened to me with opengl sometimes but if you are using directx its probably the newest patch. If that doesnt work, try reinstalling or initiating full repair.