League of Legends Not working

I’m new to Linux and to Lutris which i installed today.
I managed to install League of Legends with Lutris but when i try to launch the game, nothing happens. In Lutris, the game is considered as running, i can click on stop but it does nothing as well.
I enabled log ouput but there is nothing when i click on show logs.
I have Linux Mint 21.2 (Victoria) Cinnamon (5.8.4).

Thanks for your answers and ideas :slight_smile:

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Not a LoL player myself. What runner are you using? I would try the wine-ge-lol-8-27 runner under Wine. It is designed for LoL. Also, when I run into a similar problem, sometimes changing the runner works like a champ.

What are your logs saying. Have you enabled the full logs to see what is going on? Also, what runner are you using? If you need more help and/or support we currently have good people over at the League of Linux discord. I myself am one of the devs who helped to get League running again and we have perhaps the most qualified people on what makes things tick over there. I say that as getting help here can be challenging due to posting limitations on this forum.

Just a wild guess, you installed lutris from the repos or Software Manager, the non-flatpak version…
Go to the downloads section here, follow the links for Ubuntu to the git and download 0.5.14 deb file. In the Downloads folder, right click this and select open with gdebi. After it has installed and launched for the first time, go to preferences → global options → enable Advanced at the top and find the vulkan ICD loader field. Set this so it matches your gpu and does not say unspecified (eg RADV or nvidia proprietary)