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League of legends not running to the point of playing

I managed to install it for my boys, but running it is another story.

Let’s try to be precise: I can launch it, get a window, go to “Training”, “Confirm”, get to a menu with “1 welcome to the league”, “2 power up”… I choose the first, “Start now”. the window closes, and then I get an ugly wine window telling me there was a crash. I can choose a complete dump (122 Mb) or a small one (11kb), but I’m clueless how to read a “Mini DuMP crash report”.

I’m using wine 7.0 in Debian unstable.

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Try opening Lutris, select Wine from the left hand column then click on “manage versions” then download one that has LOL in the name. Failing that google lutris league of legends and follow tha instructions.

Apparently I was misguided: I’m not using the system’s wine 7.0 but lutris-ge-lol-7.0-2-x86_64, so I already have one with lol in the name. Looking at instructions found randomly on the net doesn’t work in general, and hasn’t in particular.

How can I read a “Mini DuMP crash report” to make a more useful feedback?

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In the Lutris League of Legends Configuration you will want to make sure these are set as the following:

Runner Options Tab
Only these options should be set
Wine Version: lutris-ge-lol-7.0.2-x86_64
Enable DXVK: ( Checked )
DXVK Version: v1.10L

System Options Tab
Disable desktop effects: ( Checked )
Disable Screen Saver: ( Checked )

Lutris Wine Configuration for your League of Legends entry may need to have D3D10, D3D11, D3D12 dll overrides setup, check the lutris website on how to add those.

Thanks, but that didn’t change anything… I still get the same gray wine window about a critical system error, but no serious error message. But it does allow me to get a crash report in the form of a “mini DuMP”.

I really insist: how can I read such a thing to get more information on the failure?

As long as all I can say is “doesn’t work, crititcal error”, I’m not sure I can be helped…