League of Legends (LoL): Authentication/Login not working

I installed LoL from Lutris (with the script up today). The client updated, and the client opens in the login screen (as usual). The problem is that I put my username and password, and click th button Log In, and it begins to authenticate, and then the client tells me that is not possible to connect as if the server is down, but actually is fine.
I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 and I installed LoL through Lutris with the exact same script, without any changes by me.
Help please.

The specific thing it happens is that the client throw me this answer: " Unable to connect to the login queue". Any ideas why this could happend?
Please… Help!

Have you tried with the runtime enabled and disabled (I think the installer disables it). If so, do you get any error messages on the console?

How do I enable de runtime? I need o install the library on Wine configuration?

I just enable the Lutris runtime and still happens the same thing.

This shows on the console:

Event Name: riot__rclient__navigation_json_fetch_failure
common.application_name: LeagueClient
common.game_data_build_id: 4585940
common.code_build_id: 4549120
common.locale: es_MX
common.content_build_id: 4590924
common.installation_id: 99r82Q==
common.os_version_major: XP
common.machine_id: g9Y4WSuCj0m3SB5PLU7OQQ==
common.os_edition: Professional, x86
common.os_platform: Windows
common.os_version_minor: Service Pack 3
plugin: rcp-fe-lol-home
common.region: LA1
clientSpec: low
LeagueClient.exe(00000039): ALWAYS| Queued Dradis event to be sent.
LeagueClient.exe(0000003B): ERROR| Failed to send collected events.
LeagueClient.exe(0000003B): ERROR| Failed to send collected events.
LeagueClient.exe(00000051): ALWAYS| lol-login| Beginning login.
LeagueClient.exe(00000051LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: — Begin Multiline (#LINK#) —
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): WARN| js: plugin:patcher:rcbug-10702:warn PLAY BUTTON DISABLED:
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: isPlayGameflowEnabled: false
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: isAtLeastOneQueueEnabled: true
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: isNotShowingLobby: true
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: patcherService.connectedToPatchServer: true
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: isNotRepairing: true
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js:
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: gameflow.isAvailable: false
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: gameflow.state: Configuration +20s
LeagueClientUx.exe(00000064): ALWAYS| js: — End Multiline —