League of Legends issue


After champions select, the launcher minimizes and nothing starts.
I try to reconnect but the same happens. No matter the setting “Close the launcher ingame” is on or off, as if Wine can’t run two windows. Thanks for your help !

Please read better the lutris game description : lol (since 9.10) actually doesn’t work with original Wine (dev 4.9).
Let’s hope the 4.10 solve the bug, but according to the changelog (https://www.winehq.org/announce/4.10), i don’t think so :frowning:


You can do this: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflinux/comments/bze2nx/has_anyone_managed_to_get_popos_working/

The first comment from MaCroX95 has the information if you want to do a clean install.

However, I already had it installed onto Lutris, and I keep my games on a separate hard drive. So my stes were:

  • Save Appimage to root of “game” hard drive and open a terminal there
  • Mark appimage as exec
    chmod +x wine-staging-i386_lol-patched_x86_64-bionic.AppImage
  • Launch exe file with wine command from appimage
    ./wine-staging-i386_lol-patched_x86_64-bionic.AppImage wine >PATH TO LEAGUE CLIENT ON C DRIVE WHERE LUTRIS INSTALLED IT<.exe

I believe after you run it, it will create the wine prefix .wine-appimage-lol which is a hidden file in your “home” directory. Then you need to install Directx9 or your fonts will be messed up, so close out the game and do this:


After that, the reddit post says how you can create a shortcut to the game through Lutris so it runs it through the appimage.

I hope this helps, I just started using Linux about a month ago so I am learning too!

There’s an official application database on Wine’s website. Here is the Lol’s one :

There’s also a “vote” function that allow people to vote for the application they want to work with Wine : https://wiki.winehq.org/AppDB_Voting_Help
But surprisingly, the’re a very few votes for lol, while Lutris says that Lol is the most used game of his library of playable games.
I suggest you guys to vote on Wine’s App database website.

In the wine runners list I see “ge-protonified-lol-4.9”

Is that not a modified version for League, or is this issue more recent than that?

Today, someone posted a new install script (appimage), which was validated, and works for me. But i haven’t tested the d9vk version.