League of Legends installer no longer opens

The main issue here seems to be the gstreamer warnings about missing ‘plugins’. While there were already warning about wrong ELF class before, they did not have an incidence on launching the game. Updates and installing new packages might have modified something leading to those new errors about missing plugins (of course I migth be wrong about the source of the issue which is why I include the logs below). Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: I was able to launch and execute the game despite the missing plugin warnings, so the issue could be considered closed, but I’m still curious about those warnings

Issue report:

Debug output:

In lutris, make sure that your vulkan ICD loader (preferences->global options->enable Advanced at the top->Mulit-GPU section) is not set to unspecified

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Thank you for your reply, I made sure the ICD loader was set to my specific GPU

Do you have the 32 bit drivers and wine dependencies installed? Does riotclientservices.exe ever show up in the process list?

the 32 bit gstreamer version is installed, but it seems that wine does not see the path, I saw this issue mentionned n the WineHQ wiki (see Building Wine - WineHQ Wiki) but I’m not sure how to fix this through lutris or the command line. I want to mention that riotclientservices.exe does show up in the processes list and the client and game seem to work, although I have not tested the sound. This could be considered as fixed, but I’m still curious about fiwing the gstreamer warning if someone have the knowledge and will. Cheers!

Just passing through to confirm that this fixed my issue. Many thanks!