League of Legends great drop FPS

Hello, yesterday i have installed League of Legends and it worked perfectly. In personalized game the FPS stay in 250 fps (moderate graphics), but, in normal game the FPS dropped to an unbelievable 40 FPS (out of the team fight), and in the team fight it oscillates between 15 and 30 FPS.

S.O. Ubuntu 18.04
Nvidia 940MX
Driver: nvidia-driver-418
Runner Options:

Help me please.

Have you tried disabling d9vk-0.10?Also can you give us lutris -d output(enable debug in runner options before)?You could also try enabling Esync.

Tonight, i’ll try. If not work, i report again. Thanks.

If you disable D9VK you will switch to using wined3d and you will not perform well in LoL (High FPS), I recommend that you install the D9VK 0.11 on Lutris that should solve the problem.

Without D9VK, there’s no miracle. If you put the highest settings, i think it’s normal performance for a laptop … I suggest you to put mid settings.