League of legends gets stuck while patching

I have been now trying to download league of legends several times with Lutris… This really gets me frustrated.

It always gets stuck in the second patch (about 33%-50%)

Anyone could help me solve this problem? Also if i try to get some logs (in the client) it won’t let me.

I’m at 60% in 3hours now… At least its damn slow and probably going to crash before i finish it…

Okay it crashed…

I found a solution!!! to first problem. I went to wine configuration and libraries. I added dnsapi (native,builtin) ,winemenubuilder.exe (disabled) and wininet (builtin). I successfully launched the game, but it doesn’t let me login. League of legends say they can’t connect the server but i surely have the internet…

This is what happened: https://img.mau.lu/V7Joz.png

This is the error log

I had the same problem, uninstalled LoL, now I can’t even reinstall. I think it’s because of the newest Patch. I copied a updated Windows installation but it didn’t start with lutris. Wine 2 changed nothing.