League of legends fps

What is the best option to maximize maximum performance ?, i get 60 fps at low settings, i used to get on window 120fps+ maxed all
Using:linux mint 18.2
wine version:staging 2.21

Depends what driver you are using. I found the default drivers didn’t work for my system so I went to Start menu > Drivers and waited for the scan, then chose the latest recommended NVIDIA proprietary driver. Works great for me. GTX 660

Hey there,

Make sure x3d_platform=1 is set in the game.cfg (you will find it in the Config folder).

It gonna activated OpenGL which should be much better in terms of performance :wink: .

Let me know.

I deleted the game and checked the nvidia settings, open gl was not put on maximum performance.

Ok so use the trick i told u previously & also in Wine setting use Windows 7 should be better in terms of performance :wink: .

i cant find the file

It seems that actually with OpenGL, there’s some problems. And since your first comment, the last install script has changed, so it use now wine dev 3.4, which is faster. I suggest you to reinstall LOL with the actual script. It allows to play at mid settings.