League of Legends fails to run

Hey guys I just installed League of legends but once I go to actually start it the launcher wont start and I get this message in the logs

“Failed to execute process. Check that the file exists”

Anyone know what the issue is and how to fix it?

How did you installed it? Lutris script? Also there are wine builds for LoL exclusively, consider giving that a try.

Through the League of Legends Lutris script

I know there is a league of legend AUR package, I could try that against but I did want to report this and get it fixed if possible

Before launching the there should be popup message that says you need to change some kernel value. With the new wine version it may not work.
Try this before launching the game:
sudo sysctl -w abi.vsyscall32=1

It’s temporary until next reboot.

Or execute the script from terminal manually:
your game folder/league-of-legends/syscall_check.sh

It did when it used to worked but now it doesn’t launch at all, you press the play button and a couple second later it will go back to play

I could try and manually running that but it should be already working

Launch the game. In Lutris right click on LoL → Show logs. Wait until the game crashes and paste it here.

Is the Riot luancher even launching?

I did and that’s the log I am getting, it doesn’t even look like the riot launcher is even doing anything.

Try reinstalling the game.

Please put the full log in pastebin to have a look

Also I meant to try this wine build: