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League of legends fails to install code 256

League of legends exits with code 256 after starting install from lutris. all dependencies installed including 32bit libs.

Fresh install Manjaro Linux
wine64 command works for install and update yet game client buggy as hell and no luck in lutris cuz code 256 many games applications has this code error in lutris dont know why all helps welcomes.
my rig as follows
AMD ryzen 5600x
Nvidia Gtx1050ti
KDE Plasma
kernel 5.15
wine-staging as system wine 64bit.
lutris out put

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find out workaround…
changed system language to English.
restart KDE to take effect of changes…
after fail of lutris installer with (north america spesific installer for game)
manuel downloaded and renamed to
restarted lutris lol installer. chosed local
everything went smooth. and it seems game running faster than on windows.

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I had the same issue, but got an error message about nivida glx ; I installed libglx-nvidia0 and it was gone.

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Had the same issue, i just cancelled the install, tried again with lutris in debug mode and it just worked.

Testei todas as alternativas e não abre ele fica carregando e nada ou simplesmente apaga tudo…Mint e Zorin…difícil …ele estava ótimo carregando muito rápido e o jogo fluindo de boa…agora volta com esses problemas novamente e pra resolver é um caos…obrigado a todos…o jeito é desistir do LoL no Linux…chato d++