League of Legends failing to play - stuck on launching

I installed League of Legends and even successfully played it yesterday with no issues. Then today it was stuck on “Launching” and doesn’t ever play even if I wait. Some times it’s even freezing the whole computer and I have to hard reset. Here’s my computer and log information:


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I had this problem. It is already fixed in newest version of lutris.
Find the newset release on Releases · lutris/lutris · GitHub e.g. (https://github.com/lutris/lutris/releases/download/v0.5.12/lutris_0.5.12_all.deb)
0) Reason: the lutris is not working fine with apt, there is no updates, the best solution to this problem is to download the newest application from github (open-source)

  1. install .deb file
  2. point to already installed league of legends
  3. turn on the game
  4. enjoy