League of Legends does not pass the login

Hello good
Forgive if information is missing, I have read what to do before publishing and I think it is okay, if information is missing it would be appreciated that it is the remaining information that I have to offer.

The question of this publication is that 2 days ago League of legends was going well until it stopped doing it and does not pass the login. Load, it asks for username and password. Once the credentials are entered correctly, it will exit the logion and you would have to wait for the Leauge of Legends menu to exit to be able to play, but in this case it does not enter, you see the icon in the notification bar but when it is supposed to opening the icon disappears and the process stops. And you would have to do the same with the same result without a solution.

Lutris log

Here I leave the League of legends log

League of legends log