[League of Legends] Client Stuck Upon Installation OpenGL

Hey guys I’ve used your install script for the OpenGL version of League on Arch (64-bit) Linux and the client hangs on https://imgur.com/QNzHCqs this screen here. It says I need authorization, is there something wrong with the Wine version?

I’m currently working on updating the opengl script. update should be posted some time tomorrow

installer has been updated. Using latest version of wine-staging with directx9
open gl version has been removed, as it is unmaintained by riot, unoptimized, and outdated. framerates are also higher on dx9 version with newer versions of wine.

Thanks for the swift work my dude, but I got stuck in the loop cycle infinitely. I thought it’d just finish if I left it running, but after about an hour it left the client as a black box.

Important Edit: Turns out I had the wrong architecture for Wine installed and after installing the x86_64 version I got the game running correctly. For posterity please make sure you’ve got the right version of wine on your system as the lutris script requires!


If you just remove whatever you had and run the installer, the game should run without having to mess with anything.
Just remove it from lutris with right click->remove, then in terminal: lutris league-of-legends-windows

if you dont want to redownload the whole game, make a backup of your riot games folder, then move it into /home/your-username/Games/league-of-legends/drive_c/