League of legends, client start, but game quit

Hi everyone,

I’m running the latest Lutris version 0.4.18 on Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon 64 bit with kernel version 4.15.0-23. I re-installed League of Legends with OpenGL many times. The installers completes without errors, client run “some time bugsplat” but when i try run game, the wine show system error

. In debug mode see nothing wrong, the secondary run lol “not client” dont show in terminal.

Riot games basically killed the game for Linux users with the last patch/


Thanks. Only wait when fix it…

RIOT made a post about it that they don’t want to exclude players and opened their anti-cheat again for GPU-passthrough VM setups.

On behalf of WINE they basically said “WINE devs have to fix it”

Nice company!

Did Riot games bother to say what the wine devs need to fix?