League of Legends client keeps opening and closing

For some reason, the League of Legends client keeps opening and closing when I start it up through lutris, and then when I join the lobby for a game, it closes before bans, reopens 30 seconds later, then closes right before champ select begins, and doesn’t open for a solid minute, which causes me to unintentionally dodge every game I try to play. This doesn’t seem to happen with custom matches against bots however. Any ideas on how to fix? I’m using Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.

Try to change the wine version
Edit: yeah don’t forget to disable ingame voice. It crash the game alot when you play with others

Hello everyone,

I am also having this issue, I’ve tried different wine versions but it doesn’t go away.
The game actually runs well, but I can’t get in games 80% of the time due to the fact I can’t either ban or lock in on time.

Has anyone dealt with this successfully?


To what? I think its using 3.3 staging rn. Also, how would I go about changing the wine version? Would it involve reinstalling the game?