League of Legends black textures

Hi guys I have installed League of Legends without problems. However when actual game starts ( the part after champion select for example) I get black screen while loading and then when its supposed to be ready I only see pointer, chatbox and menu if I hit Esc. I can see that game is running and other players chatting but everything for me is black. I am using 1.9.2.-staging-lol-i386 wine version.Also I do not get any kind of errors, not even those related to directx.
I am on Manjaro and have that nvidia optimus technology (unfortunately).

I tried different wine versions but I only get into infinite bugsplat loop errors where client would not even launch.

I tried different drivers and uninstalling bumblebee but still nothing although I suspect that it could be something about bumblebee and optimus because I remember LoL worked on Ubuntu a year ago where I only had drivers installed without bumblebee.

Searched internet whole day for answers and still nothing.
I hope someone gives me any tips on how to solve this problem.

Seems that there are others with the same issue ( http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2618621) but I can’t really figure out what could cause this.

Have you tried settings the in-game graphics settings to the minimum to see if it changes anything?

Also, you can re-enable the Wine debug messages in the runner option then get the output in the Game menu > view last game’s log. You can paste it here and I’ll have a look.