League of Legends black playscreen

Hey Guys,
I install league of Legends with the install script from 4.1.2018.
Eveything works and there is no warning that something goes wrong,
but when i start a game i see everything but not the champs or the texture of the map you play with. Its simple black.
i see my Items i see my health bar, i can open my options, i can move and play like i would see everything.
the only thing i see moving is the health bar. I played a game till i win (against bots with bots) and i hoped to see a warning when its closed by itself, nothing. I have no Idea what i can do. Some ideas?
Thanks for help

Manjaro kernel 4.14.31-1 mesa 17.3.8-1 intel

I don’t have this issue. What gpu/drivers? Working fine here on amd with mesa 18.1-git