Launching Multiple Executables In Lutris Wine Runner

I kinda feel like this is an obvious question that has been asked many times, but I’m having no luck using search—google or forums.

I have a game, it has a 3rd party mapping app that I want to run at the same time, they both require wine. They communicate with each other. I need to know how to launch both at the same time, using the same wine prefix, through lutris. I’ve tried launching them using a script, but either one of the other won’t launch, I’m assuming because I’m launching them both through lutris there is a conflict with running two instances of lutris-wrapper at the same time.

Both the game and the app will launch individually without issues.

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I can also launch the second executable successfully using the context menu after the game has been started.

Maybe use batch script (cmd) to ran both programs?

That’s a good idea, I’ll give that a try.

Hey, did you get this working?

You could always select “Run EXE within this prefix”. Though would be nice with a way to launch them both without navigating the directories.

I can’t double check this because right now I can’t get the lutris gui to start. It’s stuck updating d9vk. I’ve submitted an issue. But I think what I did eventually was create separate lutris application items for each application, then launched them all concurrently with a launch script system that I use to launch games.