Latest Battlenet Update

I launched battlenet today … Everything looked good. A message came up saying there was an update and please restart . After restarting , the main battlenet window is a blank white screen . I have verified this on 3 different computers … Launching Wow directly works fine. I copied everything from the prior battlenet directory and pasted it into the new folder ( merge and replace ) now I get a message saying there is a new version , use new version . I say yes and it works for now…

The same thing happened to me. Im running Manjaro. Launching wow.exe from within the wine prefix works tho.

You can workaround this issue by removing C:\Program Files (x86)\\

Make sure you have a folder ‘’ in there, if you have that, you can run the launcher again! :slight_smile:

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This worked for me, though I didn’t have a The other one I had was Upon relaunching the folder was created again and the notification for an update is displayed again at the bottom, which I’m guessing are related.

Guys, issue is still there - after update to latest version it stops working ;( try new clean install - issue should be apparent:

same problem

Add the following to your dll overrides:
api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0 and ucrtbase
You can do this through wine config under libraries, or dll overriders under runner options.