Hi everyone, I got a problem with installing Factorio, I downloaded it and put it in the wine section cause of .exe, I try to open it and it says “error: syntax error, unexpected KW_CBUFFER” . I desperatelly need help, I have to solve this thing. [The full error message is: Failed to compile shader_core_/graphics/shaders/sprite.vsh as vs_4_0: core/graphics/shaders/sprite.vsh:1:53 error: syntax error, unexpected KW_CBUFFER.]

Ah. Found something.

They say that it should go away when installing the following winetrick:


It’s a relatively new post and there is discussion about work which is still needed…

I am using Linux since the half of March, I am not an expert, so may I ask you where to write that thing? In Terminal or where?

In Lutris. Left panel -> Winetricks.

I’ll try tomorrow… now is 11:20 pm in my country, if tomorrow I’ll need help, may I ask for yours?

No worries!

Welcome to the community B.T.W. :+1:

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Where is now the wine trick section?

Right panel, scroll down. Its under Kill all wine processes.