Kega Fusion and Yabause. How to manually add an emulator?


How do I add Kega Fusion (best emulator) to Mega Drive, 32X and Mega CD and Yabause to Sega Satun?

In my tests in ubuntu 16.04, PCSXR does not load plugin. Reicast and PPSSPP do not open.


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I did not know about Kega Fusion, we handle Genesis emulation with Picodrive and Genesis Plus GX in Retroarch. We also have Dgen but that is deprecated. We might consider Kega Fusion as a replacement for Dgen if the emulator is well maintained and doesn’t have crazy dependencies, otherwise we’ll only use Retroarch.

PCSX-R should not be used, it’s broken and unmaintained. There are 3 working PSX cores in Retroarch.

Reicast and PPSSPP should both work, if they don’t then it’s a runtime issue, please see here to help debug the issue .

Note that both Reicast and PPSSPP are also available as libretro cores and should have less problems with the runtime.

Oh, Kega Fusion isn’t open source, forget about it then, not going to happen.

It’s also 32bit only and unmaintained. I doubt there is anything that Kega Fusion does our libretro cores can’t handle.

OK. Got it. Just notice that Kega Fusion works on 64bit normally. 32X and MegaCD works in libreto?
Sorry for the English via google.

Yeah, 32bit emulators should work just fine (PCSX2 is 32bit only), the problem is more with it being closed source and not maintained for a number of years.

I tried 32X games on libretro and they indeed work great! MegaCD games should work just as well (the core used is Picodrive)

Actually Kega fusion has been maintained at least to some degree for YEARS, well over 10. It has always just worked on both windows and *buntu for me over the years/decades. it’s also fairly efficient HOWEVER i haven’t tried to run it on anything lower than Pentium 3 yet.

The author has dubbed this new “official” page to get it as of a year or 3 ago. he originally hosted it on his page

I have yet to hear of any accuracy problems with it. like i said it’s always just worked as far as i know. i will note i don’t use net play.

i used to think snes9x was the best SNES emulator untill some youtube video called me a paste eater and showed several games which i have never played before, displaying some noticeable glitches of course that was some years ago.

I can’t say i’ve tested KF as in depth as that but, i suppose that’s factor emulators. Do they work well or do they appear to work well until one gets in a week long game every day after work.

Then again i suppose that’s like my opinion man, i’m no professional or developer either. For all i know i wouldn’t be surprised if i can add all my Kega fusion games manually once i figure out how to work Lutris. (i dled it 5 mins ago)

EDIT: I don’t use OSX all the time but, it’s worked on OSX for me as well.