Jurassic World Evolution

How can you not have this game as it has been out for a while now? I was hoping you had an installer for it since I can never get the steam play version to work. I tried using your search tool to search for the game but zippo came up.

what doesn’t work on the steam play version? are you using the latest version of steam play/proton? which distro are you using and what kind of system?

on ProtonDB many users suggests that the game needs the aco shader compiler backend so if you are using an AMD graphics-card could you try to set the launch option: “RADV_PERFTEST=aco %command%” without the “”
let us know the result

@steve7253 People are saying it works out of the box just install and go. What mucan said is true about AMD GPU but even then it’s not mandatory for ACO to be on for the game to work.

I got it to work using Proton 5.0-9. Apparently Steam Play recently updated their proton version and now JWE works. BTW: I use NVIDIA not AMD.